10 “TEN”

10 “TEN”
  • Project name: 10 "TEN"
  • Completion date: 2012.05-2017.12
  • Client: TEN INC.
  • Type: Brand strategy , Identity design , Brand development support
  • Team: Shuzo Okabe (Strategy design &Creative direction)、Aya Masudome (Creative direction &Management
  • Collaboration: artless Inc. (Art direction &Design)
  • Photo: Masahiro Sambe (Brand) , Youhei Sogabe (Factory)
  • Web:
  • Awards: Good Design Award , Design for Asia Awar Bronds
This is a design to encourage future growth of mikan industry in Ehime Prefecture.
Ehime Pref. is known for its production of mikan. On the other hand, it faces serious shortage of producers due to aging mikan farmers and shortage of successors.
Based on analysis of the current status and problems of mikan industry in Ehime, the project aims at creating agricultural employment and enhancing further development of local industry by establishing brand name of Ehime mikan in the world market. Development of mikan products and marketing strategies as well as designing of shops for the sale of products are major elements of the project
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