• Project name: DRIPPED 7” PLATE [ NT-0001]
  • On-Sale Date: 2006.11.18 On Sale
  • Type: Product Produce
  • Artwork: CODE;C
  • Collaborator: Fujio ikeda ( 龍泉窯 )
  • Price: ¥ 6500 -(without tax) 、LIMITED 77
  • Shop: reed space. 、STEPPERS RECORDS and more
This project is part of the series which goal is to remind and pursue the Japanese traditional techniques.
The theme of the first project was " How about a “ PLATE ” for a change !? "
For people buying vinyl records so much, buying differnt plates may change your every day life.
We distributed the "DRIPPED 7” PLATE" to record shop around Japan, and display and sold them at the usual records. This is also an answer from upsetters to the meanless graffiti around the city.
" There are few people who enjoys cooking or plates now days. If those people without the interest could change their point of view throught this plate, some thing might change within them."
    DRIPPED 7” PLATE-image1
    DRIPPED 7” PLATE-image2
    DRIPPED 7” PLATE-image3
    DRIPPED 7” PLATE-image4
    DRIPPED 7” PLATE-image5