Gerald Genta Tokyo

Gerald Genta Tokyo
  • Project Name: Gerald Genta Tokyo
  • Completion Date: 2009.12
  • Type: Interior Design
  • Location: Omotesando,Tokyo,JPN
  • Total Floor Area: - sqm
  • Photo: Yusuke Wakabayashi
Gerald Genta’s store identity design.
“Gerald Genta” is the watch brand established by Gerald Genta, who is nicknamed “Picasso of watch design”. He has designed many masterpieces at distinguished labels.
We thought that the display should be extremely simple and exist as the “background” since it was made to exhibit the products, which are the fruits of his/its long history, high skills and wonderful design. Considering that the label is about to find more markets in Japan, we also thought that it should be so impressive that it can communicate its identity at one sight.
The design fundamentally consists of two parts: the red bar and the black background. The showcase like a bar, which symbolises the red bar on its logo, was carefully painted in its own colour, the proper red. Contrastingly, the background was painted in the proper black, which represents dynamism and depth.
It was made look floating by accumulating such details. It was intended that the accumulation and float should provide tranquility and dynamism and show its extreme simplicity and strong identity.
As a result, the showcase does not merely display the products but also represents its strong identity with them as an object.
*There are two types of design: with or without servicing tables.
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