Long Slow Distance

Long Slow Distance
  • Project Name: Long Slow Distance
  • Completion Date: 2011.01
  • Type: Interior Design
  • Location: Shibuya, Tokyo, JPN
  • Total Floor Area: 33.4 sqm
  • URL: Yusuke Wakabayashi
  • Construction: TANK
  • Logo design: Shun Kawakami / TOKYO DESIGN LAB.
This is a design of the store, which requires a visit by appointment, on an alley in Harajuku, Tokyo.
This space is intended to function as a sales agency and an authorised store of imported watches and a store selling related accessories. As it serves both as an agency and a store and sells expensive articles, we designed this as a space requiring an appointment to visit in which customers can personally shop and talk about business with its clerk.
The layered mesh curtains provide both publicity and privacy: People can sense a clerk working in the store if they wish to and the clerk can enjoy the limited openness as well as the privacy. They also allow the store flexible layouts by being installed in the curtain rails at regular intervals. Furthermore, the details of their pleats and edges, which were well considered, invest the store with a deeply elegant and masculine atmosphere.
In the carefully designed space with the layered mesh curtains, a large symbolic counter and sofa are placed, on which customers can enjoy shopping over a conversation with the clerk.
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