MONOCO Ginza Gallery

MONOCO Ginza Gallery
  • Completion Date: 2012.08.12 - 09.09
  • Type: Exhibition design
  • Location: Ginza, Tokyo, JPN
  • Total Floor Area: - sqm
  • URL:
  • Photo: Yusuke Wakabayashi
  • Award: SDA Award 2013 JURY AWARD(Jun Aoki) (Japan Sign Design Association)
MONOCO, a curated design shopping site in Japan, took it's core concept of featuring 'new design everyday' offline via a pop-up gallery.
In the heart of Tokyo's Ginza district the MONOCO GINZA GALLERY featured and sold a different designer's work daily. Designs came from both Japan and abroad, and were often exclusive to the gallery.
The gallery itself was designed to be eye-catching from the street. A wooded facade gave the impresion the structure was not yet complete, an effect that drew those passing by to peer in.
Both the wooden panels on the outside of the structure and the matte black panels of the gallery inside adorned the new MONOCO logo. One outside panel even had the new logo cut out of the wood, encouraging people's curiosity to peer into the designs of the day.
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